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Shadow on Concrete Wall

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Based on the screenplay written by Yasmeen Turayhi, and adapted into a short story, “A Star in the Desert” is a dramatic tale about a 7-year-old child's point of view on the first day of war. The film explores how children interpret war, as well as how they often retreat to fantasy and dreamscape in order to make sense of what’s happening around them.


About the Author


Yasmeen is the Founder of Modern Product, a product marketing consulting advisory firm, author of Product Marketing Debunked, and Editor of the publication The Product Launch: Go-to-Market & Product Marketing Tips on Medium, where she has written over 50 articles on Product Marketing with over 100K views. She is the host of the video series "The Essential Go To Market: Tips and Strategies" produced by Sharebird.


Yasmeen has taken over 200 software products & features to market across various growth stages from seed stage to series d & IPO.

Yasmeen Turayhi

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